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Citation Information for “The Principle of Charity”

This page is not intended to be original or authoritative. The page is a summary of some main points and associated notes on the topic. Undoubtedly, there are scholarly and authoritative sources, both primary and secondary which ought be cited rather than these notes.

However if you find the page of use, your citation should meet the style requirements of the publication for which you are submitting your paper. In general, the current page may be cited in this manner:

Archie, Lee C, “The Principle of Charity,”; Nature of Philosophy (June 24, 2006) URL=<http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/charity.shtml>.

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“The maxim of translation underlying all this is that assertions startlingly false on the face of them are likely to turn on hidden differences of language.” Williard Van Orman Quine, Word and Object (Cambridge, Massachusetts: M.I.T. Press,1960), 59.

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